Grapevine Teapot

This teapot was thrown on the potters wheel and while still leather hard the spout and handle were attached. The handle is made by rolling a coil of clay over a split piece of wood to pick up the natural grain of the wood. It is then twisted and manipulated into the desired shape and attached to the teapot. Each branch of the grapevine is attached to the main handle and sculpted into a lifelike grapevine. The grape clusters are made from individually rolled “grape” balls and formed into clusters and attached to the vine. The leaves are made by splaying a small flattened disk between two pieces of wood. The piece is then brushed with an underglaze on the vine and airbrushed on the body. After glaze firing the teapot is masked with torn paper and placed in a metal tub with newspaper and redwood needles and set on fire to smoke finish. The piece is then scrubbed clean and sealed with an acrylic sealer.