Bamboo Painted Dinnerware

My functional ceramic work uses the Chinese “four gentlemen”, bamboo, plum blossom, grass orchid and chrysanthemum designs. Each piece is handformed, on the potters wheel or slab roller and handpainted by me in a durable underglaze.

After the pieces are painted, the painting is sprayed with a clear overglaze and waxed to resist the colored glaze. The entire piece is then dipped in a durable, food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe glaze. The piece is fired in the kiln to 2151 degrees and left to cool. Some mugs and flat pieces have an applied silicone, non-skid bottom surface.

These pieces are 100% made by the artist in America, so each piece is a handcrafted, handpainted one of a kind original which you can enjoy using for years.